Houston sees far more shootings than other Texas cities

The Houston Chronicle ran a version of our first story on the front page on Monday, Sept. 5. It highlights some numbers specific to Houston, a city that has seen far more officer-involved shootings than others in Texas over the past 12 months. Read the story here, and refresh/search online if you can’t read the full story – the Chronicle keeps some content behind a paywall. To explore demographic […]

Point of Impact launches

AUSTIN, Texas – A cellphone mistaken for a gun as an officer tries to serve a warrant that leads to the death of a man as his wife watches. A man suffering a mental health crisis who doesn’t respond properly to an officer’s commands, is seen as a deadly threat and killed. A 12-year-old injured by police gunfire during a pursuit, the incident so shrouded in secrecy that […]

Officer-Involved shooting statistics

Interactions between the public and law enforcement, along with race relations and use of force concerns, are major concerns among society these days. That concern is reflected in the media, which is now covering these issues like never before. Point of Impact is focusing on the unarmed people who are shot by law enforcement in Texas. The Texas Tribune’s series, “Unholstered,” examines police shootings in […]

Statistics on officers shot

Texas’ new law also requires law enforcement to report to the Texas attorney general when an officer was shot. According to the reports filed with the state, 21 officers were shot, including four who were killed. However, the tally does not include the fatal shootings of Dallas Area Rapid Transit Officer Brent Thompson or Euless Police Department Officer David Stefan Hofer. Neither of their deaths had been […]

Exploring Texas’ officer-involved shootings (AAS)

As printed in the Austin American-Statesman Sunday, Sept. 4  Texas police reported shooting 159 people in the first year that the state tracked such cases under a ground-breaking new law. Austin and Fort Worth each saw five of those shootings — compared to eight apiece in San Antonio and Dallas and 31 in Houston. Some of the most troubling episodes revealed in the new records […]