Missing reports filed, attracting AP’s attention

First in early February came the story about a dozen fatal officer-involved shootings that weren’t being reported properly to the state. After another round of inquiries, agencies then filed 10 of the missing reports, I then reported a couple of weeks later.

Now as the month comes to a close, the Associated Press has reported on Point of Impact’s work, noting:

“Attention was drawn to unreported fatal shootings after freelance journalist Eva Ruth Moravec reported about them as part of ‘Point of Impact,’ a yearlong series on police shootings.”

Two reports on fatal shootings remain missing – and it’s unclear how many shootings that injured civilians and officers were unreported. Even so, I’m proud of this series’ impact on the knowledge Texans have about officer-involved shootings and its ability to encourage transparency and compliance.

I’m thankful for the AP’s interest in this story, and for your attention, dear reader.

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