Mental health issues examined in second Point of Impact case

statesman_4-1expressnews_4-1Perhaps because this incident took place in Paris, Texas, where few knew Garrett Steven McKinney, this shooting from September 2015 attracted little attention.

Through records and interviews, Point of Impact examines the incident in an effort to explain more about why unarmed people are sometimes shot and killed by law enforcement. McKinney’s shooti ng is one of 19 under review during this year-long project.

Posted in full on Point of Impact, versions of the story have been published in the Austin American-Statesman and the San Antonio Express-News. Already, I’ve received feedback from a state lawmaker who pledged to carry a bill in the 2017 session that would require departments to have crisis intervention teams, specially trained to help people with mental illness.

One goal of this project is for readers to become more educated about these incidents and better enable them to make their own informed decision. Please peruse the related documents posted below the story and view the dashcam video on YouTube (warning: some profanity).

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